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Family Owned Businesses

Family Owned Businesses

These businesses are the backbone of the New Zealand economy. And yet whilst the success of the business is inextricably linked with the owners and their dedication to the business, traditional planning methods ignore the needs of the owners and their family. All families in business know that very often this can impose an intolerable burden on them.

For many years PKF Far North Ltd has specialised in planning for Family Owned Businesses (FOB's)

This planning process seeks to:

  • Determine the owners financial & other key objectives
  • Define and clarify the objectives of family members
  • Advance the business's Strategic Plan in a way that is compatible with the Owner's Plan and family goals
  • Integrate the Owners', Family, and Business Plans into a Succession Plan to achieve the best family outcome.

Our consultant, Eddie Aickin, has participated in international training, and was jointly responsible for developing the PKF NZ manual on FOB Planning.