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Business & Strategic Planning Services

Business & Strategic Planning Division Services

This team includes qualified and experienced business advisors and support people.  They specialise in assisting our clients to achieve their objectives by producing innovative solutions and support.  From within PKF, they have access to a wide range of industry specialists.  These services include:

  • Business start ups
  • Finding finance
  • Budgets & cash flows
  • Performance monitoring
  • Strategic planning
  • Systems, internal controls, & operating procedures
  • Business sales & acquisitions

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the continuous process of systematically evaluating the nature of the business, defining its long term objectives, identifying quantifiable goals, developing strategies to reach these objectives and goals, and allocating resources to carry out these strategies.

Our approach to strategic planning begins by addressing the following three questions:

1. Where is our organisation currently?
2. What do we want the organisation to be?
3. How do we get there?

Family Owned Business

For Family Owned Business ("FOB") we blend our approach into a formal FOB planning process which has been developed to address the special needs of families in business.