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News • 2021-12-16

Setting goals for 2022 ensures focus, by Stewart Russell

Over the last two years all businesses have had to change, flex and adapt to survive the ever-changing COVID environment.  Reading and trying to understand the new rules and regulations that must be followed just to stay in business has become the norm.

The holiday period is a time when you get a chance to sit back and reflect on how you have survived the last year, and what you have learnt from it.

When looking back this year, I expect many will reflect on how they managed the various changes in alert levels, what that meant for them, their families coping with online learning whilst working from home and the uncertainty of how long it would last.

From my own perspective I was impressed by how naturally people transitioned through the various alert levels.  In March 2020, there was a huge amount of time lost as people adjusted to working from home, whilst the schools were shut – this August it all seemed to happen seamlessly.  I recall my own team going into the office to get work on the evening of Tuesday 17 August, so they could be working from home on the Wednesday.

During the holidays take a moment to consider how you coped with the changing landscape – what decisions did you make to survive and perhaps even thrive in this turbulent year? 

This can provide the platform for you to build on for 2022.  None of us know what the year will bring.  But being prepared and having systems in place to deal with the changing world will give you the best opportunity to succeed.

What do you want to achieve in 2022?  There will be personal goals such as reconnecting with friends and family as the borders start to reopen and goals relating to your work or business.  If we don’t set any targets, we don’t have anything to aim for, and just amble through the year dealing with situations as they arise. 

My challenge to you for 2022 is to set 2 or 3 goals for your work or business.  Monitor your progress regularly. Depending on what your goal is you may need to do this quarterly, monthly or even weekly. Things don’t always go to plan so make sure to identify roadblocks and make adjustments to your plan as needed. Celebrate wins however small they may be and whatever comes your way remember you can adapt, just look at how well you adapted over the last couple of years.

If you need any help in setting goals, devising strategies and monitoring progress, we are always happy to help and offer a free one-hour consultation. 

From all the team at PKF, we wish you a safe and happy holiday break (and hopefully a busy one for the hospitality businesses).  Bring on a successful and less turbulent 2022.

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